Well, I’ll be! Ya know, I used to wonder if this shit was scripted, but now, I believe that reality tv is real….crazy!

Relationship #1 – MiMi, Joseline, & Stevie J: At some point, MiMi & Joseline should realize that Stevie J is not going to stop sleeping with either one of them, because they let him. I probably would’ve popped dude in the mouth too [high fives to Joseline], but in reality, MiMi should be popping her ass in the mouth! Joseline keeps saying she is going to “leave the whole situation alone”, but we ALLLL know that’s not about to happen. She likes being dogged out. And one more thing: is Stevie dealing with a full deck? I mean, in HIS mind, he rrrrreally thinks he’s entitled to having and keeping two women, AND for them to know about each other AND to respect it!!! Dude, wtf?

Relationship #2 – Erica & Scrappy: Now, before this show, I used to love me some Scrappy. He’s just rough around the edges, got the baby face going on, deep voice…but now, I don’t know if I’m liking what I see. First of all, he keeps leaving his BM to sow wild oats, then starts to feel like he wants his family back, so back to her he goes….then he does it again. Classic case of “My BM is ready to commit, but it’s not a good time for me, so I’m going to do just enough to hold on to her until I’m ready”! But to be flaunting Shay Johnson [a real ratchet one] around town, introducing her as his “homie”, but going behind closed doors and doing things that “lovers” [not homie’s] do, is just blatantly disrespectful and inconsiderate. In his words: “I ain’t messing with that, I ain’t touchin’ that”…..LIAR! Erica needs to treat his ass the same way so he can know how that feels. But rumor has it, Erica  and Scrappy recently got engaged on the reunion show...I guess we’ll see if that’s true or false!

Relationship #3 – Benzino & Karlie: Um, I was amazed at how fast Benzino fell in love with this chick, and HIGHLY disappointed. I mean, she’s very self-centered and in denial about her lack of talent as a performer. All she talks about is her “career“…which I must point out that before LHH, there was none. [I mean, I never heard of the bitch] And I’m seeing in this episode that Benzino [sexy muthafucka, sometimes] feels the same way. Obviously he can’t seem to hold a conversation with the heifer without her talking about her damn career: “Baby my career means soo much to me, I worked soo hard for it…” Karlie, please humble yourself darling. Just because you’re on tv, and you seem to be a small factor right now, doesn’t mean a damn thing once the season ends. Sit down, read a book, get you some ideas and investors, and capitalize off the press you’re getting right now…just a tip.

Relationship #4 – Rasheeda & Kirk: I’m going to make this brief…Kirk is jealous and over-bearing. He wants to control things when it comes to Rasheeda’s career, because he can’t separate her being his wife from everything else. Point is: DLO Management isn’t doing shit to help further Rasheeda’s career. And she needs to do what she needs to do, cause they’re not guaranteed to be together forever, so she should look out for her damn self. Plus, I learned from experience that having someone involved in EVERY aspect of your life can be dangerous!

As far as K. Michelle, that woman is full of drama in the WORST way. She’s always pointing out and crying about what somebody did to HER….but baby, you’re letting the world know that the common denominator is YOU!

Anyway, I’m done venting. Enjoy! LOVE & HIP HOP ATL [FULL EPISODE]


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