American Airlines Denies A Passenger Who Has Down Syndrome

When Joan and Robert Vanderhost upgraded their American Airlines Los Angeles flight tickets to first class, I bet they didn’t expect what was coming as they attempted to board their flight. Apparently, they were kicked off the flight and not allowed to board only because of their son’s disability!

According to an American Airlines rep, their teenage son, who has Down syndrome, posed a “flight risk” and that since he was “agitated” in the waiting area (which doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the plane!), they would not allow them to board the plane.

Well, while this was being told to the parents, Mrs. Vanderhost had her phone out recording the whole thing. And, according to that footage, the child was sitting quietly and seemed to have plenty of patience. So, looks as though American Airlines will have a lawsuit on their hands, and Mr. and Mrs. Vanderhost may now be able to fly…on a private plane. Good for them!

See the Vanderhost family get denied boarding due to their son’s Down syndrome!

Source: NY Daily News

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