Amber’s Thought: Can You Live With An Ex And Get Along Just Fine?

This is one of those situations that has its occasional pop up every now and then. I mean, how exactly can you live with an ex? This is a person you used to lay with, eat with, sleep with, wake up to, have sex with, argue with, laugh with, cry with (or over), and plan life with (if things went that far). So how could you begin to move on with life, but still remain in the house with this person, and not feel anything? Its impossible!

If there is a strong sexual attraction to this person, it’s something that wouldn’t go away unless you and that person didn’t have to see each other everyday. Even if there is plenty of space and enough bedrooms to accommodate the two of you, it would be extremely hard not to become curious about what (or who) they’re doing, since their not doing you anymore. And what about dating? Shiiiiiiit!!! Maybe if you and your ex started off as good friends, it may be possible to realize that you two were better off that way and agree to go separate ways but continue to live together due to circumstance. But if the relationship ended badly, well…get ready for a fight. Especially if one or both of you were very jealous of your significant other interacting with the opposite sex.

Then you have the occasional “can we just have sex” thing that tends to pop up. Bad idea! If you’re going to decide its over for good, you can’t go back and forth sleeping with each other, no matter how tempting it may be. Sure it feels good to be with someone familiar, and you may feel like you’re falling in love all over  again, but sooner than later there will be some arguing. And that makes the living environment hostile, on top of the discomfort that may already be there. Plus, you’re sending mixed signals if you were the one who made the ultimate decision to end the relationship, but you still want sex. Your decisions and feelings about ending the relationship won’t be taken seriously either, so don’t expect that.

If you have been in a situation like that, I would really love to hear your story. Please comment below. Thanks.

So what do YOU think?

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