I Know Damn Well Chris Brown’s GF Is Pissed!!!

Now what type of shit is THIS??? I mean damn! First of all, what the hell is RihRih and Chris Breezy DOING? I mean, are they together on the low or just good friends? They must be some REAL, REAL, REAL good friends to be kissing each other all IN the mouth on candid camera at a public event such as the MTV 2012 VMA’s. Yeah it was just a peck, but I know Karrueche is feeling some type of way about all this, cause I know I wouldn’t be cool about it.

All I’m saying is: DAWG, if you’re going to be with one of these women, BE with THEM. Stop flip-flopping and what not cause you’re really confusing people. You are in the public eye at all times, which comes with the territory of the career path YOU chose, so you can’t just tell us to mind our damn business and shit. You got us to look past the foot you broke off in Rihanna’s ass a couple years back, but now, I think we’re all beginning to question what kind of person you are.

Not saying its all on Chris, cause RihRih’s ass needs to get real about the situation too. Babygirl has been spotted with numerous dudes, and not saying she’s doing all of them, but I would like to think she doesn’t just kiss them ALL in the mouth. It looked friendly, but then again, that’s her ex…soooooo, inquiring minds want to know: “Whassup wit that“?

Anyway, I’m sure the truth will hit the tabloid stands soon. And I will surely be waiting. Here’s the clip:

So what do YOU think?

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