iPhone 5 Prototype Leaked…Will It Actually Be Better Than 4S?

Can I be honest: I love electronics but my only turn off is constantly having to buy new shit EVERY six months because of the constant upgrades. I guess that’s just how it is. Anyway, I’ve never actually been Apple crazy until I recently started using Apple products at a law office I was working at. The attorney I worked for didn’t even know HOW to use a PC. After that, I became curious…and here I am, actually carrying my MacBook around everywhere I go!

So this post is for all my Apple fans out there: The iPhone 5 (really the sixth generation) is on its way VERY soon! And it has been redesigned. It’s thinner, longer, and better…or so they say. Of course they said that about the iPhone 4S, but hey, playa’s f*** up! I’m not going to really get into details, because I want to see it for my own two eyes first. All I know is Apple is supposed to make an announcement Wednesday. Usually, we get surprised by Apple…but, like any other tech company, there have been a few leaks about the iPhone 5. Let’s check out one:

So what do YOU think?

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