Did J Cole Really Diss Diggy Simmons???

I have a question, and this is meant for J. Cole: Dude, whyyyyy are you picking on a teen rapper? Cause you know those grown men would probably eat that ass up!!! (Lyrically, no homo!)

J. Cole had his ass at the TDE & BET Music Matters Tour, when Kendrick Lamar brought him out on stage. He got enough props for performing the first verse and hook of his hit single “Nobody’s Perfect“, but then he just HAD to go out of his way with a little freestyle, dissing Diggy Simmons. Cole is how old? And so you are so grown, but you’re getting at a 17 year old kid…Run’s kid at that? Sounds like jealousy to me.

Anyway, here’s the video of this unnecessary roughness…

I was very proud to see Diggy returned with a FULL SONG, tight ass hook included, and some real nice lyrics…and he didn’t even have to curse. Now that’s talent.

But look, this is ridiculous. J. Cole is too damn grown to be picking fights with someone who isn’t even old enough to buy a drink, let alone get in the club!!! Someone please find that boy some business.

Source: Power 105 and AllHipHop.com

One response to “Did J Cole Really Diss Diggy Simmons???

  1. Diggy started it tho. J cole went to college with diggys older sister. J cole mention fucking a preachers daughter in an old song that didnt even make the mixtape. One of diggy’s entourage found the song and started planting seeds in diggys ear. Diggy then recorded a diss track but didnt put it out until J Cole was at the high of his career. In hiphop you cant take a diss lightly no matter the age. Diggy is in a grown mans game.

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