Dear Apple: If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It!!!

Image representing Tim Cook as depicted in Cru...

Sometimes the best thing you can do is go for what you know. And that’s what Apple should have done by keeping Google Maps instead of using their own Apple Maps as part of their new iOS 6 software. People have been highly critical of the app, and it’s dropped Apple stock 2% since then. Although Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology in a five paragraph letter, every move this man makes is and will always be compared to Steve Jobs, which I’m sure puts a lot of pressure on him and the entire company. Maybe that was the reason they decided to try something different.

“This is the post-Steve Jobs era of Apple,” said Dan Maycock of Slalom Consulting. “The shiny facade has faded. Apple is now a company like every other company. Steve Jobs would have never apologized, but this also would never have happened under his watch.” What’s even more jacked up is Cook offered a few suggestions on what Apple users can do to compensate for the loss of Google Maps until the problem is fixed. Boo!

I bet Google is like, “Haa-Haa”…as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Here’s the apology, posted on Apple’s website.

So what do YOU think?

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