Woman Charged With Abandoning Baby On Side Of Road

Kendra Meaker, baby Mia, Timothy Thompson (father)

The mother of a 3-week-old baby girl has been charged with obstruction of justice and endangerment of a child on Friday, after dumping her baby on another side of town on the side of the road for almost 12 hours, then lying to police by claiming the baby was stolen out of the backseat of her vehicle. Kendra Meaker, 19, from Toulon, Illinois, was charged in Stark County Circuit Court and has a bond set at $100,000 after admitting to the judge that she did dump the baby, and that she has no job and no income.

An Amber Alert was requested by Sheriff Jimmie Dison, who testified that he didn’t believe Kendra’s story from the beginning, on Thursday morning. According to the Journal-Star, the young mother informed police that she made a stop at the Toulon post office around 8:10 am to mail a package and left the child in the car. She stated that she had no idea the baby was missing until later.

Knowing her story sounded suspicious, Dison did what any law authority would do. But later on, after being questioned by Illinois State Police and the FBI, Kendra admitted to abandoning the baby, who has an older 11-month-old sister, Mercedes.

This is a sad situation. I would encourage any woman who is contemplating doing something like this to at least consider giving your child a chance at being raised by a decent family. Below is a list of websites you can visit for more information.





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