Too Much Casual Dating, Not Enough Waiting

Casual dating can be cool, especially when you’re not quite ready to commit. It’s okay to have a couple of people you are interested in getting to know, like to hang out with, and just have a great time. But if you’re one of those people who switch out casual dating partners every month, that’s a clear sign of needing to just take some chill time and play the waiting game. I for one know that as a woman, it’s hard to “casually date” without looking like a “whore“. Men can do it with no problems and no judgement passed; women, the world is not that easy on us. But the problem is most of the time, “casual dating” falls into the “casual sexing” category. And having different partners too often puts you on a whole other level than “single, and looking“.

Yes it’s a little shaky out here in the dating world. And we all want to know what (or who) we’re getting ourselves into before we get deep, so it’s easy to remain “friends” just in case it doesn’t work out. But if this is happening to you too often, try enjoying YOU for a while. Take time out to learn about yourself and what a relationship really means to you. It may not be the best thing for you right now. And if getting some is a must, have only ONE sexual partner, or learn to go without. Sex isn’t everything, and the feeling is only temporary.

Or maybe you could start a weekly group outing with your true friends just to keep your social life tuned up. But, by all means, don’t become a casual whore and keep thinking you’re just casually dating. It can ruin you and make you forget all about the most important thing in life: LOVE.

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