Woman Burned By KKK Members In Shreveport LA

Sunday night, Sharmeka Moffitt was attacked while walking through Civitan Park in Winnsboro, LA…the reason? First it was stated that she had on an t-shirt that displayed her support for President Obama’s election campaign and was attacked because of that. It has been determined that it was merely a hate crime. A friend of the Moffitt family stated that 90% of Sharmeka’s body was burned, but she remains in LSU-Shreveport hospital.

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12 responses to “Woman Burned By KKK Members In Shreveport LA

  1. WRONG TITLE!!!!!!!! This incident occurred in Winnsboro, LA about 2.5 hours away from Shreveport, LA…she has been hospitalized, however in the Regional Burn Unit of LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport..

  2. They dont know if its a hate crime yet? That sounds like bull-Shit to me, if they burned an african american, and spray painted her car “a racial slurr”, then thats a damn hate crime.. Racism is unnecessary and petty, and it should be long over..

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    • It was wrong regardless of the reason. Hopefully justice is served. Thanks for commenting…and be sure to subscribe to our blog and support us in the social media!!!

      • its crazy that we are still dealing with crimes like that… Im so sick and tired of hearing that type of stuff in today’s media.. Satin at his best when it comes to this KKK shit… But I tell you what that KKK SATIN shit want come to the HOOD(BLACK) hood with that shit… His ass will be back in HELL with gasoline panties on… Now that real… May GOD be with her and her family……

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