False Sob Stories On American Idol…Really Matthew?


Come on Matthew….seriously.

It’s one thing to lie on national television on a singing competition show just so people can feel sorry for you and give you a chance. I mean, it’s so inspirational to have someone who’s dream is to sing and they have this heart aching story to go along with it. But lying about suffering from a brain injury caused by an IED explosion in combat while serving in the US Army is really something else (in my Kevin Hart voice). And this is what Idol contestant Matthew Farmer did…and man, he pissed some people off in the process, including those who served with him.

After seeing Farmer’s so-called story on live television Wednesday night, many statements were sent to StolenValor.com, written by servicemen of the US Army claiming that not only was Farmer lying, but he has “used the blood, sweat, and tears or real, hard-working, tough, brave and honorable Infantry soldiers to paint himself as someone he was most certainly not”, which was specifically stated by a team leader of the United States Army Infantryman, John F. McManus. Another soldier, who is unnamed, said that Farmer “never saw combat, never got blown up, never got a TBI”.

Okay….DUDE, obviously you screwed up while you served in the Army. And although that’s not cool, it’s okay, because we all make mistakes. We’re human. And honestly, everyone is not cut out to serve in the military, but a contract is a contract. Now, the fact that you had the nerve to even attempt to be on American Idol is honorable in itself. It takes a lot of courage to be in front of some of the biggest names in music AND a huge crowd of judgemental people that you have never seen before. So why lie? Why not just be a guy who want’s a second chance in life? THAT would’ve been more appealing than degrading the millions of people who have died serving this country, some for false reasons of war.

Now you’re going to have to discover a WHOLE new universe AND fly to it, walk on one of their moons, then bring back something pretty that floats so we can put it in a museum before you get your shot a stardom dude. Sorry.



So what do YOU think?

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