Why Would BlackBerry Need Alicia’s Help?



I’m not really understanding where Blackberry is going at this moment, announcing Alicia Keys as their creative director. I guess they really think that people are going to buy the phone strictly because she claims to be using it. And that may be the case for some people, but I doubt that all the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users are just going to abruptly switch to a device that has not been known to really to be all that impressive in the past few years. And using Alicia Keys to make that happen is a method that actually scares me into believing that their new products may be a fail without the celeb boost.

With a completely new operating design, Blackberry is stepping their phone game up, introducing



the new Blackberry Z10, available in the UK now and in the US in March. I have had the chance to watch a few reviews on the new software and design and I noticed that this particular Blackberry has no actual keyboard, which is unlike all the former devices that caused the tech company to fall waaaay behind….I actually forgot Blackberry existed for a moment (no offense, shrugs shoulders). In comparison to Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android, there is none. But, according to Galen Gruman (writer for InfoWorld.com), Microsoft should feel a little heat once the Blackberry Z10 becomes available in stores.

Click here to read more and check out some review vids below…let me know what you think!



So what do YOU think?

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