Ray Lewis Earns Second Super Bowl Ring In His Last Game – Baltimore Wins 34-31



Ray Lewis gets his wish to go out with a bang, as he celebrates his Super Bowl XLVII win against the San Francisco 49ers with his Baltimore Raven teammates tonight. Besides the power outage, it was a very good game and the second championship win for the Ravens with Lewis as their linebacker. The first was 12 years ago when he was voted MVP after a glorious performance, shutting down the New York Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl XXXV.

San Fran almost had it, instead, their quarterback, Colin Kaepernick threw an incomplete pass that flew past Michael Crabtree on fourth-and-goal while in the Ravens territory, but the Raven’s prevailed. With a total of 4 tackles in the game, Lewis and his team played like true champions against the 49ers, who suffered their first world championship loss in six appearances. Though some say they expected more from the 37-year old, Lewis did more than his share this season with his 44 tackles in Baltimore’s first three playoff wins.

Sadly, Lewis announced his retirement on January 2 to media and teammates, after healing from a torn right tricep that had him on the sidelines since October 14th, stating that this season would be his “last ride”. Getting a lot of heat from the media about his supposed use of deer antler spray, which he denied, didn’t stop the second draft pick from performing at his best. And that is the BEST way to retire.

Check out this video, featuring some of Ray Lewis’ career highlights!



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