Tour Bus Crash In California Claims At Least 8 Lives And Leaves Dozens Injured

california-crash-kills-8-38-injured-thmSunday night, emergency crews worked hard to free trapped passengers of a tour bus that violently crashed in the mountains of Southern California, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. After losing control while traveling down the mountain around 6:30pm, the bus rear ended a car, flipped in the air, then plumetted into a pickup truck, killing at least 8 people. Authorities say there could possibly be more dead, and that 38 were rushed to the hospital, suffering from traumatic injuries that could claim more lives.

According to, the California Department of Transportation spokeswoman, Michelle Profant, stated: “It’s really a mes up there with body parts”, describing the scene as “shocking”. Mario Lopez, a California Highway Patrol Officer, identified the tour bus as one from Scapadas Magicas LLC of National City, California.



When asked for a statement in regards to the crash by press, the company was not available to respond this early Monday morning.

Fortunately, the bus driver did survive, and was coherent enough to inform officials that the bus he was driving had brakeĀ problems as it was traveling down the mountain. Federeal transportation records were pulled, showing no crashes in two years and verifying that this company is indeed licensed to carry passengers for interstate travel. Investigators are still on the scene, rummaging through debris and peicing together what happened. Other travelers watch in horror as they view the bus, which is ripped on top and is caved in above the drivers seat.

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