9-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth In Mexico



On January 27, 2013, a 9-year-old girl, under the name Dafne, gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Jalisco, Mexico. Unwilling to release specific information regarding the 17-year-old father, authorities are now on the search for the man to prosecute him on rape or child sex abuse charges. According to ABC News,  the young girl describes the relationship with the father of her child as “loving”.

Lino Ginzalez Corona, the spokesperson at the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office, stated: “She did not realize that she was pregnant until the seventh month”. Supposedly, when the girl did come to the realization, the young man suggested that she move in with him. Young Dafne refused. The young man then decided to skip town, leaving the young girl to deal with being a parent on her own.

Given the fact that her body was under-developed and not ready to give birth, Dr. Enrique Rabago, director of Zoquipan Hospital, along with the medical team, made the decision to perform a C-section. He also stated, during a press conference he gave this morning, that Dafne will begin to receive medical and psychological attention.

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