So Facebook Gets A $429M Tax Refund?!?!?



FACT: Facebook made $1.1 billion last year.

According Max Rivlin-Nadler of, Facebook gave out so many executive stock options last year, which are all considered to be tax-deductible, that the total amounted to more than what they owed. And, what also doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks is the fact that they are trying to make it possible to do this every year, by forwarding at least $2.17 billion in tax option breaks for future years. Who’s THEIR accountant???

For a minute, I’m going to step out of my informative self, and say how I really feel: This country is screwed up!

What’s not cool is the government wants to end Medicare, cut funding for Planned Parenthood, and end all other services that help our people survive when times are hard, but they would allow Facebook to get by without paying a dollar towards taxes! I wonder what they’re going to do with that $429 million…we ALL do. And not to mention that there are plenty of other companies who will exercise their right to do the same thing next year, I’m sure.

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