North Dakota: First State To Ban Abortions

personhood-abortion-ban-north-dakota-the-hottest-mediaAccording to North Dakota lawmakers, life starts at conception, defining “personhood” and granting fertilized human eggs full rights of U.S. citizens. A bill passed today by The North Dakota House of Representatives with a 57-35 vote, and is now sitting on the desk of Republican governor, Jack Dalrymple, who hasn’t stated whether he will sign or veto the bill.

This attempt has been made by many states, but none have advanced as far as North Dakota. A week ago, the North Dakota legislature passed an abortion ban, cutting off a woman’s access to abortion services at only six weeks of pregnancy or as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected by medical examiners. This could cause serious legal battles in court, as well as a shortage of doctors, who are already threatening to leave the state should this bill be approved.

Aside from allowing women to make decisions concerning their own bodies, doctors could face criminal charges should anything life threatening happen to a woman who attempts to carry full term, being that more deaths are caused from child-birth than abortion procedures. And if a woman should become desperate enough to seek out illegal abortion services, death rates could increase tremendously.

Though North Dakota’s economy is not suffering as much as some other states due to their booming oil production, the cost of legal battles may have the governor thinking twice…or does it?

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