Advertising on The Hottest Media will open my audience up to your brand/product. Depending on the size placement you’d like, we offer the following advertisement spots (with a 2 month minimum, no weekly rates):

88 x 31 Micro Bar (On Sidebar) = $20/month | (On Footbar) = $10/month

120 x 90 Square Button (On Sidebar) = $40/month | (On Footbar) = $30/month

125 x 125 Square Button (On Sidebar) = $60/month | (On Footbar) = $50/month

120 x 240 Vertical Banner (On Sidebar) = $80/month | (On Footbar) = $70/month

180 x 150 Rectangle Banner (On Sidebar) = $100/month | (On Footbar) = $90/month

250 x 250 Square Banner (On Sidebar) = $120/month | (On Footbar) = $110/month

240 x 400 Vertical Rectangle Banner(On Sidebar) = $140/month | (On Footbar) = $130/month

300 x 250 Rectangular Ad (On Sidebar ONLY) = $160/month

300 x 600 Half Page (On Sidebar ONLY) = $200/month

Add an add’l $5 for rotation of banners

If you are interested in certain sizes of banners that may not be listed here, please email us: advertise (at)


If you are an company or brand and you have a video or commercial you would like to feature on The Hottest Media, these are the following spots we offer at weekly rates:

Commercial: $50/week | W/Product Review & Podcast Feature Add’l $20 (one time fee)

Fashion Feature: $100 (one time fee) includes rich photo’s of apparel, 3 paragraph product review, daily promotion of discounts & sales, as well as promotion of individual products for 2 weeks (responsible for shipping costs)

Email your questions to: advertise (at) or fill out the form below and someone will return your call within 24 hours.


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