Write For THM!

THM is looking for several new members to keep it hot around here by updating and expanding our content.  We are NEW, which means this is an opportunity to build a foundation and explore your own talent, as well as dedicate yourself to something that can one day be larger than life!

Can you fill in these areas?

Music: We don’t just mean Hip-Hop! We need Jazz, Soul, Electronica, Alternative, Go-Go, Country, Latin, Pop, Emo, whatever! We need it ALL!

-Fashion & Beauty: This means keeping up with the latest fashion trends, fashion no-no’s, beauty tips, the latest celebrity endorsement deals, and anything else related to fashion and beauty.

-Sports: If you KNOW sports, or at least most of them, then cool. We don’t expect you to be an expert about every single sport in the world, but please don’t claim to be knowledgeable if you don’t know what a 1st down is!

-Reality TV: Now this is the fun part. You get to watch tv and report the latest drama! But, this just doesn’t mean the shows YOU like…we go as far as competition shows.

-Film: If you love movies, this is the position for you. Reviews, ratings, the works!

-News: Just what it sounds like!

-Cars & Cycles: Reviews on the newest cars & cycles, fascinating & unusual cars & cycles, car accesories, etc.

-Tech: If you love gadgets & electronics, then this will keep you busy all day. From games & game systems to CPU’s & software….even phones!

-Health & Wellness: If you like fitness, vitamins, or just believe in really taking care of the mind & body, please contribute your expertise.

-Relationships: Okay…no ghetto hot mess fights and arguments. We need real relationship/friendship/sex advice, q&a, surveys, and articles. Even for the LGBT fans. Lets not leave anyone out.

-Social Media: Anyone who is part of our staff must master the art of social media, but it would be nice to have someone specifically dedicated to social media at all times. If you have the knowledge and time, we need you.

If you would like to contribute to any of the above categories, please submit two articles ready to be published to thehottestmedia@gmail.com for review. For social media, please submit an email and list all skills. If you have a resume, please submit that too, but it’s not the most important thing we look for. We look for skill, passion, and drive.


So what do YOU think?

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